MEDIUM CHERRY (OBS 12/31/2015)

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Grade B

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Medium Cherry
RUSH: yes
Wood Variety: Cherry




Compose / Moxie / PLACES / PREMISE / Patterns / UniGroup / UniGroup Too
Enclose / LifeSPACE
Masters Series / Orlando / PLACES Wood Casegoods / Tripoli / Vancouver / X Series Casegoods
950 Series Storage / A Series / Beside / Compose Wood Storage / X Series / X Series Active Storage
Planes / Tactics
Intuity / Reside
workware view

EcoShield and hand applied, water based finished products are not designed to go together and are not recommended for use in the same space.



Recommended alternative: Heritage Cherry VC-W30.

Walls: Grade A.

Color Stability and Lighting:We formulate our stains to maintain compatibility under daylight and cool white light. As a precaution, always select colors and materials under the specific type of lighting used at Haworth. Particular care should be taken with high intensity discharge light, which can adversely affect color compatibility.

Natural Occurring Effects of Light:Light determines color and has a tendency to bleach out color over a period of time. Depending on the color and the chosen veneer species the effect will vary. Fruitwood [e.g. cherry] has a tendency to darken as the stain color lightens, while other species of veneer tend to lighten as the stain color fades. This factor needs to be considered when adding new components to an existing job.

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