SATIN ETCH (Casegoods, Walls)

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Grade C

The images shown and color representations are subject to your monitor quality and screen resolution settings. Physical samples are recommended, and available through your local Haworth dealer.

Satin Etch (6mm)

Satin Etch (10mm)

Satin Etch (6mm)
Content: tempered
Thickness: .25in (6mm), .4in (10mm)
Etched: yes




Enclose / LifeSPACE
Masters Series



Master Series: Grade C: 6mm

Walls: Grade C: 6mm; Grade D: 10mm

Please refer to the price/specification guide for the specific code needed. Some codes are assigned based on thickness of glass in application. Finish Grades may vary by product line.

This is an alternate for sandblasted glass and should be used as a replacement for 100% frosted glass.

80% Satin Etch glass is made with an acid etched production process that does not contaminate the environment.

Max glass size available from supplier: 96" x 130" (2438 mm x 3302 mm).

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