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Pre-Approved Wall Coverings

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Haworth Standard Surfaces

These are materials that are designed and developed specifically for Haworth products including systems, seating, freestanding, and architectural walls.



The Haworth+ (Haworth Plus) program is an alliance with Carnegie, Luna Textiles, CF Stinson, Momentum, and Maharam to offer selected seating fabrics. Selected patterns will be graded-in and easily specifiable on Haworth products.     


Customers own materials (COM)

The Customer’s Own Material (COM) library consists of two categories of COM fabrics:

Pre-approved COM’s: This program is the first of its kind in our industry. The fabric companies listed contract a third party to have their patterns tested and approved on our products (see the Details page for each pattern for product availability). Once a fabric pattern is approved, all colors within that pattern are approved. Some fabrics will have OE (Order Entry) codes listed under the thumbnail; these codes are used to enter orders with COM’s. If you see ‘request OE code’ under a thumbnail, and want to use this fabric/color on the product listed, you will need to obtain an OE code. Click on the link to fill out the form; this is sent in electronically to the COM Group who will assign an OE code and respond back. A list of pre-approved laminates by vendor is also included; these patterns have been approved for use on our products; please contact your local dealer OR the Inquiry Center (800.426.8562) for OE codes.

COM’s: These are fabrics that have been tested in the standard COM process which requires yardage to be sent in to Haworth. If you do not see your fabric listed here, please contact your local dealer to see if it’s been previously tested OR contact the Haworth Inquiry Center (800.426.8562). If you need your fabric/color tested, processes and forms are found under the COM section of this site (left hand side of the page).

The Pre-approved COM and COM fabric Library will be updated on a regular basis.

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