COM (Customer’s Own Material)

General Information

To Confirm Approval of or Request New Approval for COM’s

Go to / Search OR go to the COM Library to find out if the COM you have selected has already been tested and approved for use on our product. The Surface Collection site also has information regarding our Haworth+ alliance program with Carnegie, Luna Textiles, Maharam, Momentum, and  Stinson as well as COM fabric and laminate offerings.

If the COM pattern you are looking for is listed and an OE (Order Entry) code for the color required is shown, you may use that code immediately for the product listed as approved under Available on These Products.

If the COM pattern is listed but no OE code is shown for the fabric color required, you will need fill out the COM form and submit. You will receive an OE code via email. The code can then be used for the products listed as approved.

If the COM you are looking for is not listed, you will need to complete the COM form found in this section and submit it along with the number of samples or yardage as instructed on the form. Upon completion of the testing you will be notified via email of the test results. If the COM is approved, an order entry code will be noted in the approval email.

Please note: as of November, 2014, memo samples are no longer required when submitting the Seating COM Test Request form. However, test yardage is still needed for seating products such as Harbor Work Lounge and Openest.

If you have questions regarding COM's please contact the Haworth COM Department at

Haworth to Purchase COM’s For Production

Haworth will purchase, schedule, and receive approved COM’s directly from the suppliers for use on Haworth products. The benefits are:

  • Reduces dealer administrative costs.
  • Materials are sent to the correct manufacturing plant(s).
  • No additional delays in manufacturing of product(s).
  • Improved lead times.

COM fabrics are placed into Grades based on the cost per linear yard.

If a fabric's cost exceeds the range of our highest Grade it will be noted as Non-Graded. The product will be priced at Grade A; the COM fabric costs will appear as a separate line item. The fabric charge will be Haworth's purchase cost plus a 4% administrative fee (based on the cost of the fabric). Yardage calculations will include any applicable fabric repeat.

COM Leather

COM Leather will be priced at Grade A leather plus the cost of the leather, plus a 4% administrative fee (based on the cost of the leather).  The COM costs will appear as a separate line item.

COM laminates are also placed into Grades based on the cost per square foot.

Non-Graded COM Yardage Requirements

Please reference the COM Yardage matrices in the back of the price/spec books for systems and casegoods products to determine the amount of fabric required to manufacture the products as specified. For seating, see the COM yardage information by each individual chair model.

Be sure to include extra yardage in your calculations for any pattern repeats. See below.

Seating COM Pattern Repeat Information

Haworth will calculate and order COM yardage as needed for seating.  However, for bid/quote purposes, you may need to determine yardage needs.  Please refer to the COM yardage requirements listed by each chair model in the seating specification/price guides.  These numbers are based on solid or very small scale (under 1” largest repeat) fabrics.

For fabrics with the largest repeats listed below, additional yardage should be included in your calculations.  The additional yardage allows for matching of patterns in the upholstery.

Largest Repeat Size                 Add Additional Yardage to Your Calculations

1” – 4”                                   Add 5%

5” – 7”                                   Add 10%

8” – 14”                                 Add 20%

15” – 19”                               Add 25%

20” – 27”                               Add 30%

28” – 36”                               Add 50%

UL Recognition for Systems Products

For Haworth to retain its UL listing, we may only apply fabrics that have been recognized by UL (Underwriters Laboratory). This is normally obtained by the COM supplier in the form of a waiver. Please go to the UL website ( or check with the supplier to make sure the fabric being submitted is UL listed prior to sending to Haworth. If the fabric is not UL recognized, contact the COM Department on how to proceed as your testing will be suspended.

CAL133 Testing for Seating Products

Haworth is pleased to provide CAL133 testing services for COM orders. Haworth requires that COM's first be tested for manufacturing feasibility. See the electronic COM form.

Paint and Wood Upcharges

For PAINT there is a non-discounted fee of $1,000 for orders up to $250,000 List and $2,000 for orders over $250,000 List.  If an obsoleted standard paint color is desired, it will be handled as a COM and all applicable COM upcharges will apply.  For WOOD you will be billed at an upcharge of 6% based on the List price of each custom wood finish.

The exception to this rule is for Walls products; the upcharge will be $1,500 net for orders less than $250,000 List and an upcharge of $3,000 net for orders greater than $250,000 List.

For product where a standard paint is not offered, but the color is desired as a COM (or Tailored Solution), there will be a non-discountable $600 production fee.

COM Product Lead Times

Standard product lead times will apply to products specified with a COM from the time of scheduling. However, extended lead times may apply based on the availability of the COM.

COM Price Adjustments

Suppliers reserve the right to adjust pricing for their COM (and Haworth+ alliance) fabrics at any time.  Therefore, Haworth also reserves the right to adjust our pricing (and Grades) at any time.

COM Terms and Conditions

  • Purchase orders cannot be accepted or entered unless manufacturing feasibility testing is complete with positive results.
  • OE (Order Entry) code is to be clearly indicated on the purchase order.
  • Haworth will order and receive all COM’s for production.
  • Quantity of product changes (types or sizes) using COM’s may incur charges.  Please contact your Haworth Order Services Coordinator.
  • Customers will be billed for Haworth supplied COM’s even if the order is cancelled.
  • Haworth reserves the right to reject or reverse any COM approval that does not meet manufacturing requirements in actual production.
  • Haworth is not responsible for the obsolescence of COM patterns and/or colorways by fabric or laminate manufacturers.  Please check if the pattern/colorway is still active with the fabric company before specifying your product.
  • Wood stain samples have a shelf life of 12 months.  We ask that samples older than 12 months be resubmitted to ensure color accuracy.  There is no charge for this request.
  • Paint on wood or paint on metal COM codes are only in effect for one (1) year from issuance.  Contact the COM group regarding re-activating expired codes.

    If Haworth Agrees to Use a COM the Following Limited Warranty Applies

  • Haworth shall have no responsibility for the condition, quality, value, performance, physical properties, or any other aspect of the COM.
  • Haworth shall have no liability for any damages, injuries, or losses to the customer or to any third party that shall be caused by any COM, and the customer shall hold Haworth harmless for all such liability.
  • Haworth assumes no responsibility for the overall appearance, flammability, normal durability, colorfastness, or any other quality of the COM after its application on a Haworth product beyond normal quality standards.
  • For complete COM Warranty information, please refer to the Terms of Sale found in the individual product specification/price guides.