Our Philosophy

Haworth's Sustainability Philosophy


At Haworth we continually review and improve all of our materials and processes in order to minimize the impact we make on the overall environment.

We will be proactive and continually adapt our practices and behaviors to new developments in technology, health, and environmental science.

Our going forward philosophy places emphasis on materials recognized by the contract industry as sustainable. In addition we will seek to minimize the use of materials where a sustainable option is not available, and strive to phase out or obsolete those materials without a sustainable story.

Zody Task Chair in Industrial Setting - Haworth
Zody Task Black - Haworth


We believe that good design shouldn’t be hard to specify. The Haworth Surface Collection is designed on the philosophy that our fabrics and finishes are offered broadly across our various product lines (unless constrained by manufacturing processes) allowing designers to blend products simply and easily.

With few exceptions, for example, our standard systems fabrics are offered on all our systems lines and the standard seating fabrics are offered on all our seating. Our philosophy also recognizes the need for a stable palette of fabrics and finishes for long-term corporate standards.


Material Quality and Exploration

All materials are harmonized to insure workable and coordinated palettes. New materials are carefully reviewed against our existing offering regarding color and texture to insure the broadest range of palette choices possible. 

We actively research and strive to implement new materials and technologies that support Haworth’s vision to create sustainable, beautiful, effective, and adaptable workspaces.