California TB-133 Information

All Haworth seating models and fabrics are tested and approved to meet the CAL117 Technical Bulletin. Some State, City or Local code authorities require seating products to be held to a higher flame resistant standard. Haworth has tested and approved specific chair models and fabric selections to meet the standards as set by the CAL133 Technical Bulletin. The test results are rated based on chair model and fabric type.

Attached are two pdfs that list which chair models have been approved to CAL133 standards (one for Standard fabrics, another for Haworth+). You will also note what standard or alliance fabric is approved on each chair model. (Within each chair model there may be some chair features that are not available in the CAL133 option.)

A ‘Question and Answer’ document regarding various CAL133 information is also posted to this site. This information may help clarify what CAL133 is, where it’s used, and what is needed to comply.

Please refer to the Haworth Seating Price List and Specification Guide for pricing and ordering information. If you are not sure if the chair/fabric combination is CAL133 approved contact the Inquiry Center for assistance.

Note:  Customers should be aware that most TB-133 barrier materials contain fire retardant chemicals, and that BIFMA research indicates an increasing body of evidence of potential health risks associated with some of these chemicals.  In light of these risks, unless using TB-133 compliant upholstered furniture is specifically required by published building, fire safety or life safety codes and regulations or by code officials, customers should consider whether the health risks associated with the use of these fire retardant chemicals is greater than the fire risk from furniture without them.