Surface Materials Obsolescence

Haworth's obsolescence process serves to create a contemporary and competitive finish palette.  We continuously monitor the life cycle of our standard surfaces offering; and replace slow-moving materials based on customer preferences with new fresh alternatives. Our goal is to keep you well-informed of all changes to our finish palette.

On Alert (Pre-Obsolescence)
Materials with declining sales volumes may be placed On Alert.  They may remain On Alert for multiple years, during which time we continue to closely monitor demand.  Standard lead-times still apply.

  • Engage in discussions regarding alternative options with existing customers.
  • Avoid On Alert materials for new phases and or projects with new customers.
  • An On Alert material can be identified with the following designation just above the material image on the website technical page.


Haworth provides dealers notice of material obsolescence activity via Haworth Voice.  Last ship dates will vary by material and are also communicated.  We attempt to provide a minimum of one-year advance notice.

  • As the last ship date approaches, extended lead times may occur.
  • In rare cases, stock of some fabrics/colorways may run out before the published last ship date. As these situations arise Haworth will announce the status.
  • Situations related to quality and or supply chain issues may create a more immediate need to obsolete a material.
  • An Obsolete material can be identified prior to the obsolescence date with the following designation just above the material image on the website technical page.  Also includes a Last Ship Date designation.
  • Obsolete materials after the Last Ship Date can be searched and viewed on our website.  Link to Search