Figured Anegre - York Fronts

Grade D
A part of the Standard Collection
Technical Information
Veneer Cut:
Quarter Cut
Hand Applied
FSC Certification:
Wheat Figured Anegre V0-Y19

The images shown and color representations are subject to your monitor quality and screen resolution settings. Physical samples are recommended, and available through your local Haworth dealer.

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Available Colors
Surface materials, including wood, should be chosen under the lighting conditions in your particular space. Lighting will affect the color and appearance of natural wood. We formulate our wood stains to maintain compatibility under daylight and cool white fluorescent lighting.

Depending on the wood species and stain color, the effect of UV lighting on wood as it ages will vary. For example, woods such as cherry have a tendency to darken, and other species will lighten. This needs to be considered when adding new products to an existing installation.

Standard and Hand Applied finished wood finishes on products are not designed to go together and are not recommended for use in the same space.